Merrolee Penman

Merrolee Penman

The University of Sydney

C43 – Cumberland Campus
The University of Sydney
NSW 2141 Australia

Twitter: @merrolee

About me
Kia ora….   I am an occupational therapist, educator and researcher. I’ve taught in occupational therapy programmes in Australia, Scotland and New Zealand. I am currently working at the University of Sydney in Australia.  I have been an early adopter of technology since my early days as an OT (1983) even taking night classes for a little while as I strongly believed that computers would one day be important for our profession.

My research interests are centered around learning, whether that be for children with disabilities attending their local schools, learning of undergraduate students, or that of my colleagues in practice.  As part of this I’ve researched the use of technology to support professional learning of both occupational therapists and educators, and in the last couple of years have actively worked to increase our profession’s understanding of the possibilities of social networking tools to support our professional development. I am enrolled in a educational doctorate programme exploring the extent to which  New Zealand occupational therapists are self-directed learners.

I have used blogging, twitter, most of the Google tools, wikis, social bookmarking, Facebook and LinkedIn to ‘meet’ and come to know the OT4OT group.