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What Is It?


It is a free, online, 24 hour conference for occupational therapists.


OT = Occupational therapy

24=24 hours

Vx=Virtual exchange


Whilst acknowledging the value of global connections for occupational therapists, we noticed that many OTs miss out on traditional avenues of connecting at conferences due to cost and time required. For some OTs a conference could cost as much as a whole year’s salary, but the need for equitable access to knowledge transfer opportunities is vital in a profession that continues to grow. In a world where technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous many occupational therapists are gaining techno-confidence. Thus the idea

of designing and delivering a 24 hour free real time online conference for knowledge sharing was born.


We chose World OT Day in 2010 as our first OT24Vx and following its success we have run one annually since then. The  OT24Vx

has run in collaboration with the World Federation of Occupational Therapists since 2014.

Session Number




Links to recordings are

available for 1 year


Karen Jacobs

OT24Vx16 Opening Ceremony & Welcome

Using Consolation House as a model

for 21st Century private practice

Christopher Alterio



International collaboration

in OT education in

low vision rehab

Orli Weisser-Pike,

Karen Jacobs,

Jennifer Kaldenberg, Naomi Ferziger



Building Connections through

cardboard collaborations

Pam Stephenson &

Carolyn Moore

Access for all: The role of

Telehealth OT in

underserved populations

Tracey Davis


Using Telehealth to

Provide Services in Primary Care

Jennifer Lendino

There is no place like home:

Using telehealth technology to support restorative care in the community for seniors

Kathryn Wise


Introducing the therapeutic

step programme

Shelley Margow

E-Portfolio creation for

public sphere pedagogy

Stephanie Lancaster


Development of an international

expert group for sharing resources of

upper limb absence worldwide

Debra Latour

Making Progress Together

Eleanor Cawley


Making it together: standards and

guidelines for the 4OT suite of admins

Eleanor Cawley, Karen Williams, Angela Hook

How to act more

effectively as change agents

Annie Carrier &

Damien Contandriopoulos


Making hope visible:

Occupational Therapists

Inquiring together

Dorit Redlich-Amirav, Elizabeth Taylor Ph.D., OT(C), DCAOT & Denise Larsen Ph.D., R. Psych.

The Use of Quiet Books with People with Late Stage Dementia: A Case Study

Monique Chabot


One Game, many user

Rachel Profitt

Wrap up first 8 hours

of OT24Vx16

Susan Burwash, Karen Jacobs

Connecting East to West:

Less than 2 degrees

Susan Skees Hermes,

Dai Hu, Fengyi Kuo,

Kristy Troutman


Collaborative Online Education

to Improve Pediatric Care in China

Elisabeth Liebrock

Collaborating to Create AT:

Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Emma Smith,

Shalaleh Rismani


Building An Executive Functioning Toolbox:An Interactive Online Course for School-based Occupational

Therapy Practitioners

Allison Laygo

Professional development for OT

students and Practitioners with disabilities

Bill Wong


Service Learning Experience in India

Emily D'Agostino, Samantha Anscher,

Rachel Heidling, Rachel Wong, Cara Dart, Mary Hennessy, Claire Sanscher, Sarah Howie

A Hand to hold

Julie Kunisch


Making Occupation stronger Together

Marilyn Pattison



Building relevant and current

Occupational-Therapy (OT) practice in India

Kavitha Murthi


Challenges faced by occupational therapists in Community Based rehab

Deepa Pradhan


Kimberley Forsythe

Facility Dogs - Making a difference for

kids and families

Shedders, doing things together and for me!

Dr Jane Taylor


Wrap up second 8 hours of OT24Vx16

Merrolee Penman,

Anita Hamilton

Occupational therapy in WWI


Stephanie Moloney &

Dr. Judith Pettigrew


Occupational performance areas which

have requested occupational therapy treatment in Kosovo

Dianna Ullrich

Seating Matters

Martina Tierney



Building leadership development together with occupational therapy students

Heather Davidson


Making it Together: Citizen science

for occupational therapy

Katrina Bannigan


Making sense together: Interprofessional learning in mental Health

Lisa Brown

Innovative teaching method at the HAN University of Applied Sciences

Marie-Antoinette Minis


InnOvaTe: A Derby Uni student

led conference

Nick Peart

Occupational therapist perspectives on the potential of Performance Profiling in Practice

Michelle Perryman


OT Restore: Veterans Repair & Donate Wheelchairs to Their Community

Karen Duddy

Occupational Well-Being model promoting victims of crime functional wellbeing

Naama Katz, Noomi Katz, Dana Pugach


Occupational therapy interventions with refugees and asylum seekers

Connie Trimboli

Closing Ceremony & Celebration & Keynote: Integrating education, praxis and research

to create a powerful and socially relevant Occupational Therapy

Dr. Salvador SimóA


Presenter Video